What we are about


Our Goals

We currently feed 200 children per week. Our goal is to double to 400 children in 2019. As well as expanding the program’s two other angles: Nourishing Minds (distributing books to children from other children) and Nourishing Leaders (In-Spirit) a leadership and mentorship program that encourages children and young adults to lead and teach others, becoming in effect their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

We all learn by example, and Nourishing Lives creates a living, breathing, and fun example of what it means to enact compassion in community.  

The Big Ask

Our biggest obstacle is space. We are looking for more room.  We need a 3,000-4,000 square foot, air-conditioned warehouse space with a few offices in central Broward County.  This will support our mission to store, sort and distribute food as well as provide a central location to deliver from. 

What If.....

We can help you start a Pack a Sack program in your area. Please reach out to us so we can partner with and help you reach the hungry children in your area. It's not as hard as you think. 

Got an idea?

Do you have a way to help that we haven't thought of? An organization that has a way to contribute? Bring it on! We'd love to hear from you. 

This is what is it all about.

Children going home on the weekends to a place that has food available to eat, a book to read and an opportunity to grow in leadership and give back to the community themselves. 


Q:  How can I get involved? 

A:  Join in one of our regular work days, organize a food drive, adopt a child to feed for a  week, month, or year etc.

Q:  How long has this organization been around? 

A:  Just over 10 years.

Q:  How many children do you feed a week?

A:  We are currently feeding 200 children a week with a goal to reach 400 in 2019.

Q:  Where does the food come from? 

A: Donations from community organizations, food drives, and individual gifts.

Q:  How is it delivered?

A:  Volunteers take food to schools each week so it can get  home to the children.

Q:  Where do find the children in need?

A:  Counselors, principals, and teachers identify kids in need  

Q:  My youth group is interested in sorting bags as a project. How do we get started? 

A:  Contact us to schedule a time to for you to come out and have a day at our location preparing bags for children or we can come to you also.  Call us for details and info.

Q:  How do I bring you to my school?
A:  Call us and schedule your event.  We love to come to schools, youth groups, businesses, and any organization with a heart for serving children and making the world a better place.  Together we can impact change.